What is the difference between Role and Roll?

What is the difference between Role and Roll? :

Role : (noun)

1 ) Actor’s part in a play / film

He plays a variety of roles.

She played the leading role in the play.

What is the title role in the play?

  • ( 2 ) Function or importance of something / someone

    What is the key role of the teacher in the learning process?

    What is the role of the university in the modern society?

    He had played a major role in the formation of the Union Cabinet?

    Roll : (noun)

    ( 1 ) Cylinder made by turning flexible material over and over on itself without folding it

    Wallpaper is bought in rolls.

    He sold a roll of film.

  • ( 2 ) Person or thing with this shape

    He is a man with rolls of fat around his stomach.

  • ( 3 ) Official list or register especially of names

    Let me see the electoral roll.

    The teacher was calling the roll in our class.

    Roll : (verb)

    ( 1 ) Move on wheels or rollers or by turning over and over

    The ball rolled down the hill.

    The coin fell and rolled away.

  • ( 2 ) Cause something to move in this way

    Roll it over and look at the other side.

    They were rolling barrels across a yard.

  • ( 3 ) Turn on an axis over and over or round and round

    He rolled his eyes strangely.

    He was rolling a pencil between his fingers.

  • ( 4 ) Wrap or cover something / someone in something

    He rolled himself in his blanket.

  • ( 5 ) Sway or rock helplessly

    She was rolling with laughter.

    He was rolling drunk.

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