What is the difference between Vain and Vein?

What is the difference between Vain and Vein? :

Vain : (adjective)

( 1 ) Having too high an opinion of one’s looks, abilities, etc…


He is a vain young aristocrat.

She is a vain of her beauty.

( 2 ) Having no value of significance

He always makes vain promises.

( 3 ) Useless or futile

He did his best in the vain hope of winning her friendship.

He made a vain attempt to steal her car.

( 4 ) With no result, uselessly

I tried in vain to sleep.

They tried in vain to discover what had happened.

( 5 ) Useless or fruitless

All our work was in vain.

Vein : (noun)

( 1 ) Any of the tubes carrying blood from all parts of the body to the heart

Royal blood ran in his vein.

( 2 ) Distinctive feature or quality


He has a vein of melancholy in his character.

Her stories revealed rich vein of humor.

( 3 ) Mood

Manner or style

She talked to me in a sad vein.

The compilations continued in the same vein.

His letter continued in this vein for ten pages.

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