What is the difference between WARM and WORM?

What is the difference between WARM and WORM? :

WARM : (adjective)

1 ) Of or at a fairly high temperature between cool and hot

Food for a baby should be warm, not hot.

The weather is a bit of warm today.

2 ) Having the normal body temperature

The patient should be kept warm.

3 ) Healthy

Showing enthusiasm

She gave me a warm welcome.

4 ) Affectionate and sympathetic

He has a warm heart.

He showed warm feelings of love and gratitude.

WARM : (verb)

1 ) Make or become warm or warmer

The milk is warming up on the stove.

Warm up the milk.

Warm yourself by the fire.


1 ) Small long thin creeping animal with a soft rounded or flattened body and no backbone or limbs

There are a lot of worms in the fertile soil.

2 ) Person considered weak and insignificant and who is not respected by others

She says you are a worm.

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