What is the difference between Wait and Weight?

What is the difference between Wait and Weight? :

Wait : (verb)

1 ) Stay where one is

Delay acting

There are waiting for the rain to stop.

Tell her I cannot see her now. She will have to wait.

2 ) Await, wait and watch for somebody

You will just have to wait your turn.

3 ) Be postponed, not be dealt with immediately

The matter can wait until next meeting. It is an urgent.

Wait : (noun)

1 ) An act or time of waiting

They had a long wait for the bus.

Weight : (noun)

1 ) The heaviness of something especially as measured by a certain system

What is the weight of this sack?

2 ) A piece of metal that has a known heaviness and can be balanced against something else

Please give me a one-kilo weight.

3 ) Something with a large amount of weight

He has got a bad back so he can not lift weights.

4 ) Something that causes a feeling of worry or anxiety

The loss of the money has seen a weight on my mind.

5 ) The value, importance or influence that some one or something has

I do not attach any weight to these rumors.

Weight : (verb)

1 ) Put weight on or add something heavy to

Fishing nets are weighted.

This ball weights 2 kg.

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