What is the difference between Wander and Wonder?

What is the difference between Wander and Wonder? :

Wander : (verb)

1 ) Roam

She was wandering aimlessly up and down the road.

He wandered out into the darkness.

His thoughts wandered back to his youth.

2 ) Move aimlessly around in a place

The child was found wandering the streets alone.

3 ) Be inattentive or confused

He realized his audience’s attention was beginning to wander.

Wander : (noun)

1 ) Act of wandering

He went for a little wander round the park.

Wonder : (noun)

1 ) Feeling of surprise mixed with admiration

Bewilderment or disbelief

2 ) They were filled with wonder at the sight.

He was filled with wonder after he heard the news of our failure in the football match.

Wonder : (verb)

1 ) Feel great surprise



We wondered at the speed with which it arrived.

I wonder that he was not killed in the accident.

2 ) Feel curious

There has been no news for a week and he is beginning to wonder.

Ask oneself wonder whether they will arrive on time.

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