What is the difference between Want and Wont?

What is the difference between Want and Wont? :

Want : (verb)

1 ) Wish for

Have a desire for something

She wants me to go with her.

I do not want you arriving late.

They want you as their leader.

2 ) Require or need something

We shall want more staff for the new office.

Let me know how many copies you want.

The plant wants to be watered daily.

3 ) Should or ought to do something

You want to be more careful.

4 ) Lack

Not having enough of something

He wants the courage to speak the truth.

5 ) Need

Require someone to be present

You are wanted by the police.

He is wanted immediately in the director’s office.

6 ) Fall short by something

It still wanted half an hour till midnight.

Want : (noun)

1 ) Requirement

Desire for something

I am a man of few wants.

This book meets a long-felt wants.

2 ) Thing desired

All their wants were provided by their host.

3 ) Lack or insufficiency of something

The refugees are suffering for want of food and medical supplies.

The plants died from want of water.

She decided to accept the offer for want of any thing better.

4 ) State of being poor or in need


He lived in want for many a year.

Their health had suffered from years of want.

This is a policy aimed at fighting want and deprivation.


1 ) Needing something

His house is in want of repair.

Wont : (noun)

1 ) Custom


She went for a walk after breakfast as was her wont.

WONT : (adjective)

1 ) In the habit of doing something

Accustomed to doing something

He was wont to give length speeches.

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