What is the difference between Ward and Word?

What is the difference between Ward and Word? :

Ward :

1 ) Separate part or room for a particular group of patients

He went to visit a patient in the surgical ward.

2 ) Division of a town that elects and is represented by a councilor in local government

There were four candidates standing for election in this ward.

3 ) Person who is under the care of a guardian or the protection of a law court

The child was made a ward of court.

He invested the money on behalf of her ward.

Word : (noun)

1 ) Sound or combination of sounds that expresses a meaning and forms an independent unit of the grammar or vocabulary of a language

The story is told in words and pictures.

I have no words to express my gratitude to her.

2 ) Remark or statement

Anything said

I do not believe a word of your story.

He did not say a word about it.

Did you say a few words of sympathy to him?

3 ) Message

Piece of news

Please send me a word of your safe arrival.

Word came that I was needed at home.

If the word WORD is used in this sense, A or THE.

4 ) Rumor

The word is that she has left her husband.

The word WORD is used in this sense, the definite article THE should precede it.

5 ) Spoken command or signal

Stay hidden until I give the word.

Their word is law.

WORD : (verb)

1 ) Express something in particular words

Phrase something

The advice was very tactfully worded.

Send a carefully worded reminder.

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