What is the difference between Weak and Week and Wick?

What is the difference between Weak and Week and Wick? :

Weak : (adjective)

1 ) Lacking strength and power

Easily broken, bent or defeated

She was still weak after her illness.

He is too weak to walk even fifty metres.

I am so weak that I cannot walk far.

She felt weak in the legs.

2 ) Not functioning properly


He has a weak heart.

Do you have weak eyes?

3 ) Not forceful or convincing

Your weak arguments are not acceptable.

Know it for certain that weak evidence will not help you.

4 ) Deficient

Not achieving high standard

She is weak in Biology.

Are you weak in English grammar?

That book is weak on the medieval period.

Weak : (noun)

1 ) People who are poor, sick or powerless and therefore easily exploited, infected, etc…

It is the role of the government to protect the weak.

The weak should struggle against their oppressions.

Week :

1 ) Period of seven days

Sunday is the first day of the week.

She comes to see once a week.

What day of the week was 2nd July last year?

2 ) Six days apart from Sunday

During the week, the road is very busy but there is very little traffic on Sundays.

3 ) The five days other than Saturday and Sunday

They live in Patna during the week and go to their village at the weekend.

Wick :

1 ) Length of thread in the centre of a candle the top end of which is lit and burns as the wax melts

2 ) Flat or rounded length of woven material by which oil is drawn up to be burnt in oil lamps or oil stoves

Trim the wick of the lamp.

3 ) GET ON SOMEONE"S LAMP : irritate someone continually

Do not get on my wick.

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