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Word Games Vocabulary for 20th September :

  1. Ridicule (v): make fun of, to laugh at

  2. Ridicule (n): mockery

  3. Ridiculous (adj.); absurd, laughable

  4. Rife (adj.); prevalent, abundant

  5. Riffraff (n): rough, mean people

  6. Rifle (n); gun

  7. Rifle (v): plunder, rob

  8. Rift (n); split, crack, opening

  9. Rig (v); dress, to fit a vessel with masts, sails etc

  10. Right (adj.); straight, correct, not left

  11. Right (n): justice, claim

  12. Right (v): correct

  13. Righteous (adj.): doing what is morally right, obeying the law

  14. Righteous (adv.): righteously

  15. Righteousness (n): purity of heart and conduct, uprightness

  16. Rightful (adj.): according to law

  17. Right-minded (adj.); honest

  18. Rigid (adj.); severe, strict, stiff, not easily bent

  19. Rigidity (n): strictness, inflexibility, stiffness

  20. Rigorous (adj.); strict, severe

  21. Rigour (n): severity

  22. Rill (n): streamlet, brook

  23. Rim (n): brim, edge, margin

  24. Rim (v): put a rim round

  25. Rime (n): thick white frost

  26. Rind (n); hard, thick outer coat, skin, bark

  27. Ring (n): a circle, a small circular ornament for the finger, arena, sound

  28. Ring (v): sound, cause to sound

  29. Ringleader (n): one who leads a wicked gang

  30. Ringworm (n): a contagious, disease of the children

  31. Rink (n): sheet of artificial ice for skating or curling

  32. Rinse (v): cleanse (lightly) in water

  33. Rinse (n): an act of cleaning

  34. Riot (n): an uproar, disturbance of peace by a mob

  35. Riot (v): go out of control

  36. Riotous (adj.): disorderly, noisy

  37. Rip (v): cut, tear, drift

  38. Rip (n); a debased person

  39. Ripe (adj.): matured, fully developed

  40. Ripe (n): ripeness

  41. Ripen (v): to become ripe

  42. Ripple (n): a little curling wave

  43. Rise (v): ascend, get up

  44. Rise (n): small hill, upward slope, increase

  45. Rising (n): a revolt or disturbance

  46. Rising (adj.): fast gaining in importance

  47. Risk (n); chance of loss or injury, a danger, hazardous

  48. Risky (adj.): dangerous

  49. Rite (n): a religious ceremony

  50. Ritual (n): the way of carrying out worship

  51. Ritual (adj.); relating to rites

  52. Rival (n): person who competes, with another

  53. Rival (v); compete with

  54. Rivalry (n): competition

  55. River (n): a long running natural stream of water

  56. Rivet (n): metal pin or bolt for fastening, metal plates

  57. Rivet (v): fasten with a rivet

  58. Rivulet (n): brook

Word Games Vocabulary for 20th September :

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