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Word Reference English for 21st June :

  1. Leisure (n): freedom, from occupation

  2. Lemon (n) : a sour yellow fruit

  3. Lemonade (n) : a drink made of lemon juice

  4. Lemur (n) : a monkey-like animal of Madagascar

  5. Lend (v): grant the use of (some thing) to a person for a time

  6. Length (n) : extent, degree

  7. Lengthen (v) : to make longer, elongate

  8. Lengthwise (adj.) : along the length

  9. Lengthwise (adv.) : along the length

  10. Lengthy (adj.) : prolix, protracted, tedious

  11. Lenience (n) : mildness, gentleness

  12. Leniency (n) : mildness, gentleness

  13. Lenient (adj.): mild, merciful, not severe

  14. Lens (n): a magnifying glass, burning glass

  15. Leo (n): the lion, the fifth sign of the Zodiac

  16. Leopard (n) : a beast of prey, the panther

  17. Leper (n): a person suffering from leprosy

  18. Leprosy (n) : a loathsome disease which effects the face and skin and wears out the parts

  19. Lessee (n) : a lease-holder

  20. Lessen (v) : diminish, make or become less

  21. Lesson (n): instruction, doctrine

  22. Lessor (n) : a lease granter

  23. Lest (conj) : in order that not, for the fear that

  24. Let (n): obstacle, hindrance

  25. Let (v) : permit, rent out

  26. Lethal (adj.) : deadly, mortal

  27. Lethargic (adj.): drowsy, torpid, dull

  28. Lethargy (n) : drowsiness, dullness, want of interest

  29. Letter (n): a written message, a sign of the alphabet

  30. Lettered (adj.) : learned, educated

  31. Lettuce (n) : a plant whose leaves are use for salad

  32. Lever (n) : a lifter

  33. Leveret (n) : a young hare

  34. Levity (n): want of seriousness

  35. Levy (v) : impose(taxes)

  36. Levy (n) : an act of collecting by authority, tax

  37. Lewd (adj.): lustful

  38. Lexicographer (n) : the compiler of a lexicon or dictionary

  39. Lexicon (n): a dictionary, word book

  40. Liability (n): responsibility, dept

  41. Liable (adj.) : accountable, legally ,bound

  42. Liaison (n) : illegal love, connection

  43. Liana (n) : a climbing plant

  44. Liar (n): one who utters falsehood or lies

  45. Libel (n): defamatory writing accusation, satire

  46. Libel (v) : defame

Word Reference English for 21st June :

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