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Words for 1st October :

  1. Sea (n) : expanse of salt water which covers most of the earth’s surface, the ocean

  2. Seaboard (n) : the coast and its neighbourhood

  3. Sea Breeze (n) : a breeze from the sea

  4. Seafarer (adj.) : a mariner, sailor

  5. Seafaring (adj.) : traversing the sea

  6. Sea girt (adj.) : surrounded by the sea

  7. Seagull (n) : same as gull, a web-footed sea-bird

  8. Seal (n) : a marine animal

  9. Seal (n) : mark with seal, finalize

  10. Sea-level (n) : the height of the surface of the sea

  11. Sealing-wax (n) : a resinous mixture used for sealing

  12. Seam (n) : the joining line formed when the edges of two pieces of cloth or leather are stitched together

  13. Seam (v) : sew together

  14. Séance (n) : a public meeting for exhibition or investigation of spiritualistic phenomena

  15. Seaport (n) : a town with a harbour on the sea-shore

  16. Sear (v) : to scorch

  17. Search (n) : examine carefully

  18. Search (v) : looking or seeking for

  19. Seaside (n) : the land beside the sea

  20. Season (n) : one of the divisions of the year according to weather

  21. Season (v) : make suitable for use, flavour preserve

  22. Seat (n) : that which is used for sitting on the place where one sits

  23. Seat (v) : cause to sit

  24. Sea-weed (n) : kind of plant growing in the sea

  25. Seaworthy (adj.) : in fit state to take to sea

  26. Secede (v) : withdraw or separate, oneself

  27. Seclude (v) : to keep away from, isolate

  28. Secondary (adj.) : second in position, subordinate

  29. Second-hand (adj.) : not new, used by another

  30. Secrecy (n) : privacy

  31. Secret (adj.) : kept unknown to others, hidden

  32. Secret (n) : that which is hidden from others knowledge

  33. Secretariat (n) : office of the secretary

  34. Secretary (n) : one who keeps records of an office

  35. Secrete (v) : conceal, to give forth juice or liquid

  36. Secretive (adj.) : holding secretly

  37. Sect (n) : a religious group, party

  38. Section (n) : a party cut off from something, division

  39. Sector (n) : part of a circle within two radii, and an arc

  40. Secular (adj.): word, not religious

  41. Secure (v) : to make safe, to gain

  42. Secure (adj.) : safe, firm

  43. Security (n) : safety, a thing pledged

  44. Sedan (n) : covered chair, a closed motor-car

  45. Sedate (adj.) : calm, quiet

  46. Sedentary (adj.) : accustomed to sit much, without bodily activity

Words for 1st October :

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