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Words of Comfort for 30th December :

  1. Yacht (n) : a large pleasure boat or small ship

  2. Yacht (v) : sail in a yacht

  3. Yak (n) : a long haired wild ox of Tibet and the Himalayas used as a beast of burden

  4. Yam (n) : a kind of large edible root

  5. Yankee (n) : an American citizen

  6. Yard (n) : a British unit of length equal to 3 feet, an enclosed space

  7. Yarn (n) : spun thread, a long story

  8. Ye (pron.) : the nominative plural of the second person YOU

  9. Yea (adv.) : the opposite of nay, yes, verily

  10. Year (n) : a period of 365 days divided into twelve months

  11. Yearn (v) : long eagerly, feel an earnest desire

  12. Yearning (n) : earnest desire

  13. Yearning (adj.) : eager, longing

  14. Yeast (n) : ferment, froth

  15. Yell (n) : a loud outcry, a rhythmic cheer

  16. Yell (v) : to cry out loudly

  17. Yellowish (adj.) : some what yellow

  18. Yelp (n) : a sharp cry or bark of the dog

  19. Yelp (v) : to cry sharp as a dog

  20. Yeoman (n) : an owner of a small landed estate, a gentleman-farmer

  21. Yes (adv.) : a term expressing consent, opposite of no, ay, aye

  22. Yesterday (n) : the day next before present

  23. Yet (conj.) : up to now, even now, in addition, nevertheless

  24. Yew (n) : an evergreen tree

  25. Yield (v) : give, produce, surrender

  26. Yield (n) : produce

  27. Yodel (v) : to sign in a high voice

  28. Yoke (n) : bondage, an instrument for joining (esc, oxen) , a pair of oxen working under a yoke

  29. Yoke (v) : join together

  30. Yokel (n) : a country fellow

  31. Yolk (n) : the yellow part of an egg

  32. Yon (adj.) : over there, seen at a distance

  33. Yore (adv.) : long ago, formerly

  34. Yore (n) : ancient times

  35. You (pron.) : nominative and objective case, plural of thou

  36. Young (adj.) : not old, of the first or early part of life or growth, juvenile

  37. Young (n) : off spring

  38. Youngster (n) : a lad, a young person

  39. Yourself (pron.) : reflexive form of second person singular pronoun

  40. Youth (n) : the state of quality of being young adolescence, young people collectively, a young man

  41. Youthful (adj.): young

  42. Youthhood (n) : the period of adolescence, period between childhood and manhood or womanhood

  43. Ytterbium ( n) : two rare metallic elements occurring in gadolinite

  44. Yttrium ( n) : two rare metallic elements occurring in gadolinite

  45. Yucca (n) : a garden plant with white flowers

  46. Yuft (n) : a kind of red leather

  47. Yuga (n): one of the four big divisions of the life of the universe

  48. Yuke, yuck (n) : the itch

  49. Yuke, yuck (adj.) : yuky, yucky

  50. Yule log (n) : a piece of wood burnt of Christmas Eve

  51. Yule (n) : Christmas, Christmas season

  52. Yuletide (n) : Christmas, Christmas season

Words of Comfort for 30th December :

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