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Words of Spiritual Encouragement for 25th December :

  1. Wig (n) : an artificial covering of hair for the head

  2. Wig (v) : rebuke or chide sharply

  3. Wigging (n) : a scolding

  4. Wight (n) : a human being, a person

  5. Wigwam (n) : a hut

  6. Wilderness (n) : uncultivated, un inhabited region, desert

  7. Wildfowl (n) : a game bird

  8. Wile (n) : a beguiling trick

  9. Wile (v) : trick , entice

  10. Wile (adj.) : wily

  11. Wilful (adj.) : obstinate, fond of having one’s own way

  12. Willingness (n) : desire, readiness

  13. Will-o-the-wisp (n) : a flickering light sometimes seen by night over marshy places

  14. Willow (n) : a shrub having slender plaint branches

  15. Willy-nilly (adv.) : whether one wishes or not

  16. Wilt (v) : to loose strength or freshness

  17. Wily (adj.) : artful of wiles, crafty

  18. Wimple (n) : a veil round the neck and face

  19. Win (v) : gain get by labour, secure, be the victor, conquer

  20. Win (n) : success

  21. Wince (v) : to flinch

  22. Winch (n) : a hoisting apparatus

  23. Windfall (n) : any unexpected gain

  24. Winding (adj.) : curving, spiral

  25. Windlass (n) : machine for lifting or pulling water

  26. Winding sheet (n) : a sheet or cloth enwrapping a corpse, a shroud

  27. Wind instrument (n) : a musical instrument sounded by blowing air

  28. Windmill (n) : a mill driven by the force of the wind acting on a set of sails

  29. Window (n) : an opening in a wall or roof allowing air and light to pass through

  30. Window-blind (n) : a screen for a window

  31. Window-sash (n) : a frame in which glass is set

  32. Windpipe (n) : the passage for the breath to and form the lungs, the trachea

  33. Windy (adj.) : flatulent, boisterous, stormy

  34. Wine (n) : the fermented juice of grapes

  35. Wineglass (n) : a small glass used in drinking

  36. Wing (n) : flight, bird’s organ used to fly, part of a structure

  37. Winged (adj.) : furnished with wings

  38. Wink (n) : open and close the eye-lids again and again

  39. Wink (v) : opening and closing of the eye-lids again and again

  40. Winning (n) : victory

  41. Winning (adj.) : attractive, victorious

  42. Winning (n & pl) : something won

  43. Winnow (v) : separate the outer-coverings from grain using a stream of air

  44. Winsome (adj.) : agreeable, attractive, engaging

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