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Words of Wisdom for 6th October :

  1. Sheen (n) : brightness

  2. Sheep (n) : a well-known ruminant animal like the goat from whose wool clothing is made

  3. Sheep fold (n) : enclosure for sheep

  4. Sheer (adj.) : pure, mere

  5. Sheet (n) : large rectangular piece of linen cloth, flat piece, wide expanse

  6. Sheet-anchor (n) : the largest anchor of ship used in extreme danger, a reliable support

  7. Shelf (n) : a horizontal board or plank fixed on a wall

  8. Shell (n) : hard outer covering enclosing kernel of seed, fruit etc, a paper or metal containing explosives fired from a gun

  9. Shellac (n) : a resinous substance, lack

  10. Shellfish (n) : a mollusc or other water animal having a shell covering

  11. Shelter (n) : a place which gives protection

  12. Shelve (v) : to put on shelf, to set aside, abandon, to slope gently

  13. Shepherd (n) : one who tends sheep, The Good Shepherd

  14. Shepherd (v) : tend, guide

  15. Sherbet (n) : a fruit drink

  16. Sheriff (n) : the chief officer of the crown in every shire

  17. Sherry (n) : a white wine

  18. Shibboleth (n) : a test word

  19. Shield (n) : a defensive armour held in the left hand, protection

  20. Shift (v) : change or move from one position to another

  21. Shifty (adj.) : dishonest, changing unreliable

  22. Shilling (n) : a British silver coin worth 12 pence

  23. Shine (v) : be bright, emit or reflect light

  24. Shine (n) : brightness

  25. Shingle (n) : small rounded pebbles, small flat square piece of wood used on roofs, a kind of hair cut

  26. Shiny (adj.) : bright

  27. Ship (n) : a large sailing vessel

  28. Shipment (n) : putting of goods in a ship

  29. Shipping (n) : ships in general

  30. Ship-shape (adj.) : trim, orderly, tidy

  31. Ship-wreck (n) : the loss or destruction of a ship at sea

  32. Shire (n) : an English country

  33. Shirk (v) : avoid meanly, get out of one’s responsibility

  34. Shirt (n) : a loose undergarment

  35. Shiver (v) : tremble (from cold, fear) scatter

  36. Shiver (n) : trembling, fragment

  37. Shoal (n) : a great number especially of fish, a shallow place, submerged sand bank

  38. Shock (n) : a sudden painful sensation, a violent collision

  39. Shoe (n) : outer foot covering, metal rim railed to hoof of horse etc.

  40. Shoot (v) : fire, dart, sprout, pass rapidly, strike with a shot, hunt, photograph a scene for film

Words of Wisdom for 6th October :

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