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Words to Gospel Songs for 13th December :

  1. Vengeance (n) : revenge

  2. Venial (adj.) : excusable

  3. Venison (n) : the flesh of deer

  4. Venom (n) : malice, hate, poison (snake)

  5. Vent (n) : a small opening, outlet, utterance

  6. Vent (v) : publish, utter, pour forth, make a hole

  7. Ventilator (n) : a device for ventilation

  8. Venture (n) : chance, risk, hazard, a risky undertaking, a speculative action

  9. Venturesome (adj.) : involving risks

  10. Venue (n) : meeting-place, a place where an action takes place

  11. Venus (n) : the goddess of love and beauty, a planet

  12. Veracity (n) : truth, truthfulness

  13. Veranda (n) : covered space built along the sides of a house

  14. Verb (n) : (in grammar) the part of speech which asserts or tells something about something else (subject)

  15. Verb age (n) : abundance of words using too many words without necessity

  16. Verbatim (Adv.) : word for word

  17. Verbose (adj.) : containing unnecessary number of words

  18. Verdant (adj.) : having a large number of green plants, fresh, not experienced

  19. Verdict (n) : the finding of a jury in an action, the decision, opinion expressed

  20. Verdigris (n) : the greenish rust on copper

  21. Verdure (n) : green vegetation, new grass

  22. Verge (n) : limit, edge

  23. Verge (v) : incline, be near to

  24. Verification (n) : proving to be true

  25. Verify (adv.) : test the truth or its accuracy

  26. Verify (n) : verification

  27. Verily (adv.) : truly, certainly, really

  28. Veritable (adj.) : real, true, certain

  29. Vermicelli (n) : fine wheat flour made into small worm like rolls

  30. Verity (n) : fact, reality, truth

  31. Vermilion (n) : a bright red colouring matter obtained from mercury sulphide, a beautiful red colour

  32. Vermin (v) : troublesome small animals and insects like mice, lice, bugs etc.

  33. Vernacular (n) : native language, one’s mother tongue

  34. Vernacular (adj.) : belonging to one’s native country

  35. Vernal (adj.) : belonging to youth

  36. Vernier (n) : a part of an instrument used for making very exact measurements

  37. Versatile (adj.) : able to turn freely, of varied capacity

  38. Versatility (n) : ability to turn easily to any new task

  39. Verse (n) : poetry

  40. Versed (adj.) : skilled, experienced thoroughly acquainted

  41. Version (n) : account, statement, reading of text, translation

  42. Versus (prep.) : against

Words to Gospel Songs for 13th December :

English Vocabulary Index

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