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Words to Songs for 27th December :

  1. Woman (n) : a female human being, a grown up female

  2. Womanish (adj.) : feminine, having the characteristics of woman

  3. Womb (n) : the organ in a female conceiving the young ones

  4. Wombat (n) : an Australian animal like small bear

  5. Wonder (n) : surprise, miracle, a strange thing

  6. Wonder (v) : feel wonder, be amazed, marvel

  7. Wonderingly (adv.) : with wonder

  8. Wondrous (adj.) : wonderful, strange

  9. Wont (adj.) : used or accustomed

  10. Wont (n) : usual practice, habit

  11. Woo (v) : ask to marry, court, beg

  12. Wood (n) : thick growth of trees, the hard part of trees

  13. Woodland (n) : land covered with wood, or trees

  14. Woody (adj.) : relating to wood, consisting of wood, of hard wood

  15. Woof (n) : weft, crogs wise thread running across the warp

  16. Wool (n) : the soft curly hair of a sheep

  17. Woollen (adj.) : made of wool

  18. Woollen (n & pl) : woollen clothes, fabrics of wool

  19. Wolly (adj.) : bearing wool, covered with or resembling wool

  20. Word (v) : express in words

  21. Word (n) : a group of letters that stand for an idea, promise, a message

  22. Workable (adj.) : capable of being worked

  23. Worker (n) : one who works, a labourer, a working bee

  24. Workhouse (n) : a poor house. A place in a prison where petty offenders are made to work and earn

  25. Working (n) : the way a thing works or is done

  26. Working (adj.) : labouring

  27. Working day (n) : a day when work is going on

  28. Workmanship (n) : the skill or art of a workman, finish

  29. Workshop (n) : a place where work is done or where articles are made

  30. Workshy (adj.) : lazy

  31. Workwoman (n) : a female labourer

  32. Worldliness (n) : attachment to this life and its enjoyments

  33. Worldly (adj.) : relating to the world

  34. Worm (n) : a small creeping animal, a low creature, the thread of a screw

  35. Wormwood (n) : a bitter plant

  36. Worn out (adj.) : become useless, tired, much injured

  37. Worry (v) : harass, tease, fret

  38. Worry (n) : trouble vexation

  39. Worse (adj.) : harmful or become worse

  40. Worse (adv.) : less, in a worse manner

  41. Worsen (v) : make or become worse

  42. Worship (n) : act of devotion to God, a religious service admiration of any kind

  43. Worship (v) : respect, highly, perform religious service

  44. Worst (adj.) : harmful or bad in the greater degree

  45. Worst (adv.) : to a very bad degree

  46. Worsted (n) : a type of woollen yarn

Words to Songs for 27th December :

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