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Work : noun :

(a) things done using the hands or brain

Casual Work = work where the workers are hired for a short period

Clerical Work = work done in an office

Manual Work = heavy work done by hand

Work In Progress = value of goods being manufactured which are not complete at the end of an accounting period

(b) job or something done to earn money

• He goes to work by bus.

• She never gets home from work before 8 p.m.

• His work involves a lot of travelling.

• He is still looking for work.

• She has been out of work for six months.

Work Permit = official document which allows someone who is not a citizen to work in a country

NOTE : no plural

Work : verb :

(a) to do things with your hands of brain for money

• The factory is working hard to complete the order.

• She works better now that she has been promoted.

< • To work a machine = to make a machine function

To work to rule = to work strictly according to rules agreed between the company and the trade union and therefore work very slowly

(b) to have a paid job

• She works in an office.

• He works at Smith's.

• He is working as a cashier in a supermarket.

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