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World English for 8th August :

  1. Passing (adj.) : transient, incidental

  2. Passion (n) : a strong feeling

  3. Passionate (adj.) : yielding to passions

  4. Passionate (adv.) : passionately

  5. Passive (adj.) : inert, offering no resistance

  6. Passport (n) : warrant, government document to be carried by a traveller abroad

  7. Password (n) : a secret word or phrase by which a friend is distinguished from an enemy and allowed to pass

  8. Past (adj.) : gone by, elapsed, former

  9. Paste (n) : an adhesive preparation of flour

  10. Paste (v) : fasten with paste, affix

  11. Pastel (n) : a coloured crayon

  12. Pastime (n) : amusement, sport

  13. Pasteurize (v) : to boil or heat food in order to kill disease germs

  14. Pastor (n) : a clergyman, a shepherd

  15. Pastoral (n) : a letter from a bishop, the song of shepherds and country life

  16. Pastry (n) : baked article made of paste or dough prepared with wheat flour, a small cake

  17. Pasture (n) : grass for cattle, grazing ground

  18. Pasture (v) : graze

  19. Pat (n) : tap with open hand

  20. Pat (v) : stroke gently

  21. Pat (adj.) : at the right moment, fit for the occasion

  22. Pat (adv.) : at the right moment, fit for the occasion

  23. Patch (n) : a piece put or sewed on, a plot

  24. Patch (v) : to mend by putting in a new piece

  25. Pate (n) : the top of the head

  26. Patent (adj.) : evident, easily seen

  27. Patent (n) : a privilege granted by letters patent

  28. Paternal (adj.) : fatherly, related to one’s father

  29. Path (n) : way made by treading of man or beast, a footway, route

  30. Pathetic (adj.) : sad, touching, pitiful

  31. Pathology (n) : that part of medical science which deals with the causes and nature of diseases

  32. Pathos (n) : the quality of rousing pity or sorrow

  33. Pathway (n) : a foot path

  34. Patience (n) : forbearance, endurance

  35. Patient (adj.) : enduring, able to bear troubles, not hasty

  36. Patient (n) : a sick man

  37. Patois (n) : a dialect of the common people differing from the standard language of the country

  38. Patriarch (n) : male head of a family, veteran

  39. Patrician (n) : a noble man

  40. Patrician (adj.) : noble

  41. Patricide (n) : the murder or murderer of one’s father

  42. Patrimony (n) : property inherited from one’s father or ancestors

  43. Patriot (n) : one who loves his country

  44. Patriotism (n) : love of one’s country

World English for 8th August :

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