Worthless Obligations

Worthless Obligations :

A fat buffalo was busy grazing in a field. She grazed for hours till her stomach was full. The she went to a nearby stream and drank some water. She started feeling lazy due to a full stomach. So the buffalo thought of taking a nap. She went and settled down under a shady peepal tree. Soon the buffalo was dozing.

A crow had flown in from a nearby village. He was feeling very tired and hungry. Soon he found a piece of bread which he quickly ate up. Then he went and settled on the buffalo's back. The crow sat and rested on the buffalo's back for a few hours. Then the buffalo woke up. The crow flew down in front of the buffalo and said "Madam, I have been resting on your back for hours. I want to thank you for your kindness."

"You don't need to thank me as I never even felt your weight. I don't know when you came or when you go off. Do not be obliged for things or events which do not matter much."

With these words, the buffalo got up and went away. The crow learnt a good lesson for life.

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