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Zen Tales. Why are we suggesting that you tell these stories to your neighbors? Is it because these are among the oldest stories in human history and have withstood the test of time? Is it because these Tales are ancient religions offering profound insights into human nature, the cosmos, and spirituality? Maybe.

Or maybe it's just because they are fun to tell. Without a doubt, these stories capture all sorts of truths about life and death. But they are also witty, entertaining, humorous, and at times puzzling, even mind-bending. And they are not just the secret lessons of monks sequestered away in mountain monasteries. The ancient teachers intended these stories to be used by everyone, everywhere. On the train to work, during dinner at a restaurant, leaning over the backyard fence as you talk to your neighbor - all of these situations and more lend themselves to these stories.

Once you read and learn a few of them, you will see opportunities to tell them popping up everywhere with your family, friends, and coworkers. Think of these tales as conversation pieces, as handy tools that you can lift out of your pocket to help you and others talk, think and laugh about the wondrous and mysterious details of this thing we call Life.

A Handful of Answers

Making a Difference

Overcoming Anger

Right Move

Sleepy Teacher

The End

When Truth Dawned

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