A forest is in an acorn.

A forest is in an acorn.

A forest is in an acorn.

An acorn is a seed of a tree. An acorn gives rise to only one tree. But the tree gives many fruits and seeds which in turn gives rise to many more trees. So an acorn however small it may seem to be, it can grow into a huge forest.

Though the maxim conveys this meaning, what it actually means is that small things which seem trivial may sometimes be of utmost importance. When a small hole is made in a ship it sinks. Due to this reason whenever we do something we should pay attention to even small things and try to do it perfectly.

So we have to cultivate the habit of creating a forest with the help of a single seed which has the huge potential of becoming many trees if tendered properly.

THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL is another way of expressing the same idea.

The eye of a friend is a good mirror.

A mirror is something which shows us as we are. It shows us our good character and our faults as well. A friend is some one who not only helps in our difficult times, but also constantly helps us in knowing ourselves. Whenever we have some difficulties or some things about which we need some guidance we talk with our friends. So a friend knows our mind better than anybody else.

Since our friend might have observed us at close quarter, he / she might be correct in his opinions about us. In addition, he will have our best future at his / her heart when he / she criticize us in the right time for the right reason in the right manner.

When a friend says something about our character, he is most likely to be correct, since he has observed us all the times through our actions. So the crux of this Irish proverb is to know us better we should get the opinion of our true friend.

A friend in the court is better than a penny in the purse.

This proverb says that when somebody is in trouble the moral support or a wise doing of a real friend is better helpful to him than the financial support. The familiarity or influence of a friend is very useful to get work done as easily as with money. Money plays an important role in the life of a human being and is necessary for the normal life. But on some occasions not only men with money but also men with power are also considered important. There are some problems which an influenced or a powerful man can do but people with money cannot. Through the higher connections things can be done easily. This is the meaning of the proverb that a friend with higher connections is better than money in the pocket.

A forest is in an acorn.


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