A great city is the school for studying life.

A great city is the school for studying life.

This maxim tells us that a big city where one can see all goods and evils, beauties and charms at the same time, is the appropriate school for a person who can know a lot of information that surround him and learn all the aspects of life. A person, though he is ignorant, can come to know all virtues and vices by going through a big city.

A great city is the centre of commerce and industry. There live different types of people the rich and the poor, the rough and the gentle, the proud and the humble, the innocent and the deceitful and so on. There are multi-storied buildings on one side and slums on the other side. Moreover industrial civilization is developing in big cities nowadays. In big cities we can see beautiful bungalows, cinema halls, picnic spots, schools, colleges, five star hotels, hospitals, universities and etc. A big city represents each and every aspect of modem civilization. From these people one can learn art and music, literature and architecture too. In big cities, there are ample possibilities for employment and so. No one can be idle in a big city without a job. One can get a job suitable to his ability and taste and so and one can lead a pleasant life. In big cities there are well equipped schools from where one can get a high-class education of his interest.

In big cities we find doctors, lawyers, teachers, businessmen, philosophers, artistes and so forth. Also we find people who come from different states having different customs. As one has a chance to move with people having different culture, one shall be able to acquire a good and wide knowledge of life. A great city is such a school where one can learn all aspects of life.

It is evident that the life in a great city provides a scope for a person to study life in all aspects. It is said that home is the first and foremost school for a child. In the similar manner a man can learn the virtues and vices, the goods and the evils by knowing the things that surround him in a big city as it has various facets of life.

Meeting all sorts of people and doing odd jobs will enhance one’s capabilities and increase one’s chance of success. Moreover, living in a cosmopolitan city will give a sense of satisfaction which one can not get anywhere else.

A great city is the school for studying life.


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