A healthy man is a successful man.

A healthy man is a successful man.

A healthy man is a successful man.

This French proverb explains the importance of health of a man. To be a successful man the most important thing is to be a healthy man. For a successful life, we should fix up certain goals and work towards achieving them. We need strength to work and reach the goals.

When a man is not healthy he will not be able to work hard and he will also not be able to concentrate properly. For proper concentration and hard work we should eat properly, exercise properly and sleep properly and maintain good health. There a similar proverb like HEALTH IS WEALTH which stresses the importance of good health.

So one should take more and adequate efforts to maintain good health, failing which the future will be bleak. More wealth with our health will not guarantee bright future. On the contrary, less wealth with good health will guarantee better and happy future.

A man may bring a horse to water but he cannot make him drink.

An opportunity presents itself in many ways and it is always up to the individual to make use of the opportunities to come up in life. This is the content of this proverb written by John Heywood. Whenever some body is thirsty we can offer water to that person but it is up to the person to drink that water and quench his thirst or not to drink the water and stay thirsty.

Throughout our life opportunities appear in many forms but most of the times we are very lazy to accept the opportunities. The saying fortune never knocks the same door twice is also a statement which indicates the importance of accepting the opportunities in the first instance. This proverb also says that when somebody needs help we can help them only up to some level but the person has to accept the help and make good use of it.

The food of a hound is in its legs.

Hunting was one of the major sports in medieval times in Europe. A hound is dog which is bred and trained for hunting. Whenever there is a hunting expedition the hounds are taken to track and hunt animals like wolf, deer and rabbits. The hounds have to run faster behind these animals and catch them. Similarly the food we eat comes from the skills and the abilities we possess.

The hound gets its food from its ability to run faster and hunt animals. Similar to this each one of us have a job and there is a skill set necessary to get that job done. Developing the necessary skill set and honing the skills to do our job properly gets us success. So this proverb tells us to look into our strengths and to fine tune them to be more successful in life.

A healthy man is a successful man.


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