A lawmaker should not be a lawbreaker.

A lawmaker should not be a lawbreaker.

Anticipation is the enemy of pleasure.

The proverb which has been used by Robert Lynd has said this statement to mean that if we expect or anticipate anything great, magnificent or splendid, we may have to be disappointed when we actually see that thing. We have seen many people in our life who have heavy expectations about certain things, but after they actually see or get it for themselves, they do not have the same enthusiasm for it and so they lose their interest in it.

Wordsworth was a very a great poet and once he had high anticipations about Yarrow. But when he actually saw it, he was greatly disappointed and said if that was yarrow of his imagination. Similar to this we see young people who are very interested to go abroad and so they try very hard to get it done. They have great dream about the distant land. But after going there they get dejected soon and would like to come back to homeland. This is mainly due to the reason they anticipate many things about the new country but see that it is not so real.

When we go to places and when we do things without any calculations and anticipation, we go about spontaneously. Such a simple approach, we could face the outcome in an open mind which will have the capacity to accept what is there as the best one. The spontaneity will enhance the beauty of the outcome and keep us open hearted and mentally strong.

A lawmaker should not be a lawbreaker.

This maxim advises that a person who constitutes the law for others to follow should be the first person in following it and obeying to it but he should not even try to alter to his needs and convenience or break or go beyond or against the law.

Law is the one which makes the man to behave sincerely. It makes the man to observe discipline and constrains him not indulge in vice activities. A person who observes and obeys the law is an honest person. The behaviors of a lawmaker should be appreciable and should set an example to others. The teacher who insists punctuality should be punctual in his every act.

The politicians who amend laws in the constitution often bend them to their convenience. They often try to take advantage by breaking the law. They indulge in self-motive activities and sometimes they go beyond the law and dodge even the court of law. Those who amend laws should first abide by them. Otherwise it would sow bad effect on the society.

A lawmaker should not be a lawbreaker.


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