a piece of ass

a piece of ass :

be asking for trouble = be asking for it

behave in a way that is likely to result in difficulty for yourself - informal

for the asking

used to indicate that someone can easily have something if they want it.

1991 - Mark - Tully No Full Stops in India – Second helpings come automatically and third helpings are there for the asking.

asleep at the wheel

not attentive or alert

inactive – informal

The image here is of falling asleep while driving a car. A North American variant is asleep at the switch which refers to the points lever or switch on a railway.

2003 - Guardian - Rowling has not been asleep at the wheel in the three years since the last Potter novel and I am pleased to report that she has not confused sheer length with inspiration.


North American vulgar slang

bust your ass

try very hard to do something.

chew someone's ass

reprimand someone severely

cover your ass

take steps to protect yourself

drag ass = haul ass

hurry or move fast

get your ass in gear


kick some ass = kick someone's ass = kick some butt

dominate, beat or defeat someone = North American vulgar slang

act in a forceful or aggressive manner = North American vulgar slang

1995 = Martin Amis = Information = You got to come on strong. Talk big and kick ass.

kiss ass

behave in an obsequious or sycophantic way - North American vulgar slang

kiss someone's ass = kiss someone's arse

behave obsequiously towards someone - vulgar slang

no skin off your ass

It's a matter of indifference to me.

I am unaffected by something. – informal

not give a rat's ass

not care at all about something

a pain in the ass

an anyyoing thing or a tedious person

a piece of ass = a piece of tail

a woman regarded in sexual terms - vulgar slang

put someone's ass in a sling

get someone in trouble

bust someone's ass = whip someone's ass

use physical force to beat someone in a fight.

at it

engaged in some activity typically a reprehensible one

1993 - G. F. Newman - Law b Orderp - Oh, don't take me for a complete idiot, Jack. I know you're at it.

at that

in addition

furthermore (used for emphasis at the end of a statement).

1994 - Sunday Times - The sensitivity to social change may play its part, but in reality fashion is a business, and a hard-nosed one at that.

where it's at

the most fashionable place, possession or activity – informal

1990 - Ellen Feldman - Looking for Love - New York is where it's at, stylewise.

a piece of ass :

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