A Prophet is not honoured in his own country.

A Prophet is not honoured in his own country.

A Prophet is not honoured in his own country.

A man is in general called a prophet when he preaches the message of kind and also the way to live. A prophet talks of living honestly and also not to do evil to others. He also has the unusual foresight to future problems and warns people of impending disasters. He also understands the problems of the society through his reasoning power and gives the ways to solve them. But mostly these solutions are not acceptable to the people. Due to ignorance, the people fail to recognize that worth of these prophets. Similar to prophets many great were also treated badly in their own land. For example the Greek philosopher Socrates taught the people to realize themselves. He also tried to teach reasoning to people and told them they should ask the question WHY to know the truth and never hurt others.

The political class in the country started thinking that he was spoiling the youth. So they convicted him by saying that he is corrupting the minds of the youth. He was sentenced to death and he was given poison to drink. He had a chance to escape from the prison. But he refused and drank the poison and died. Thus a great man like Socrates was not honoured in his own country when he was alive and today the whole world looks at him as a philosopher.

As is the king so are the subjects.

This proverb is equivalent to saying…

As is the thread so is the cloth.

As is the mother so are the children.

The king was the supreme leader in olden days and he ruled over the country and provided the people will all the facilities of life. The king also levied taxes over people and collected them. He used these taxes to develop the country like laying roads, keeping an army to protect his country. A responsible king should collect the taxes in a manner which does not affect his people. He should collect the taxes depending on the amount of rainfall and the harvest in that season.

The attitude and nature of the people depend on the manner in which the king rules the country. If the king is good natured and ensures the welfare of his people, they will in turn be pleasant natured and also helps others. Similar to this the quality of the people in a family is decided by the head of the family.

Similarly the quality of a team is decided by the quality of the captain who leads the team. So the behaviour of a people depends upon the leader.

A Prophet is not honoured in his own country.


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