A rolling stone gathers no moss.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

After a storm comes calm.

The proverb tells us that in principle in nature no season remains forever and similarly situations also change one after another. When a storm emerges in an ocean, it creates violent winds and heavy rain, sometimes, causing a dreadful disaster but after some time there prevails a reign of calmness. Though the storm disturbs the man’s life it will not remain for a long period but very soon the storm disappears and calmness prevails everywhere.

This proverb indicates that the human life is also of the same principle. Storm of fate occurs suddenly and disturbs the man’s life for a while and then disappears. After the storm of fate disappears one feels a sigh of relief from the disturbances one has experienced. That’s why it is said that human life is a combination of joys, sorrows, happiness and tears. No same situation remains for a longer period or for ever.

One situation follows the others and just like a wheel which circles round all the time bringing the upper part to the lower and the lower part to the upper. Once India was rich country having all the resources for the people to lead comfortable and contended lives and later on it came into the clutches of the British Raj. People suffered and the country was looted by the British. After freedom India started progressing and it is coming back to its past glory. So one should never lose heart and be patient enough to bear the hardships of life as happiness and fragrance of life follow.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

A moss is a kind of algal plant which grows on rocks which remains stationary for a long period of time. This proverb has two kinds of meanings. The positive meaning says that the rolling stone gathers no moss because the stationary - the rock - collects more material since it remains stationary. The moss can be referred as a positive thing in this meaning.

Similarly people who stick to one job and work in it will gather more knowledge about the particular job. Instead people who work on different jobs will not learn any job completely and so they will always be Jack of all trades and master of none.

There is a negative meaning to this proverb in which the moss is considered as an unwanted negative growth which is to be avoided. The moss represents the dirt collected in the mind when it is as rest. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop because as the mind is at rest it things many bad things and so it causes many problems and so a man who keeps on working will not collect any dirt in his mind. A working brain will be fully engaged with its work and so it will not do any destructive work. So we should not stumble from one to another to attain success and fame and name and should not be fickle minded.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.


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