A Simple Truth

A Simple Truth :

A great master was sitting on the seashore, on the beach and a man who was seeking for truth came to him, touched his feet and asked, "If I am not disturbing you, I would like to do anything you suggest which can help me to find the truth."

The master simply closed his eyes and remained silent.

The man shook his head. He said in his own mind, "This man seems to be crazy. I am asking him a question and he is closing his eyes.

He shook the man and said, "What about my question?"

The master said, "I answered it. Just sit silently. Don’t do anything and the grass grows by itself. You need not bother about it. Everything will happen. You just sit silently. Enjoy silence."

The man said, “Can you give it a name….because people will be asking me, "What are you doing?"

So he wrote on the sand with his finger : meditation

The master wrote in big letters : MEDITATION

The man said, “But these are simply big letters. You are writing the same thing."

The old master said, “If I say more than that, then it will be wrong. If you can understand, then just do what I have told you and you will know."

A Simple Truth :

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