A sound mind is in a sound body.

A sound mind is in a sound body.

A sound mind is in a sound body.

The proverb which is of Greek origin insists that the mind and body should be both healthy and sound. A healthy person can think normally and act instantly in any given situation. A sound body means a healthy body, free from diseases and it does not bulky body. A sound mind means a mind capable of good, positive and free thinking mind.

A healthy body is obtained by maintaining a good diet and good exercise to keep the body going. A good exercise consists of vigorous exercises or yoga and other such things. To keep the mind clean we should always have a positive thinking and honest attitude in life. The Greeks gave much importance to the healthy living. They had a very good organized form of life. They ate healthy food and rarely indulged themselves in wine.

The Spartans were well known for their organized life and ate just meat, Olive’s figs and fruits and also trained heavily in warfare and also in sports. This is also the reason why they started organizing Olympic Games to demonstrate their fitness. This is also the reason that they had a good organized form of democracy in earlier days. Body and mind are connected with each other and enables man to have a contented mind and contented mind leads a man to have a body and a meaningful life. A sound mind can function with a positive approach if it exists in a sound body.

A stitch in times saves nine.

This proverb mentioned above is very similar in meaning to the proverb FOR WANT OF A NAIL, A FORT IS LOST : a famous poem which says how the loss of a single nail in the shoe of a horse led to the fall of a kingdom in England. We may consider some things as too trivial to pay attention but in reality those negligence in those small things some times lead to great disaster.

The story of a king in England who was a brave warrior who was captured because his horse fell down in the middle of the war because it lost a nail in its shoe is a good example of this proverb. Also in Shakespeare’s book Hamlet the protagonist loses his life because of postponing his decision to do certain important thing. This sort of postponing things is also called procrastination.

So one must realize that even small act at the initial stage of a problem or a disaster would save a lot and a little negligence would lead us to a great loss. So in essence the proverb implies the meaning… PROCRASTINATION IS THE THIEF OF TIME.

A sound mind is in a sound body.


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