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What is Abbreviation?

The word Abbreviation is derived from the Latin word Brevis which means short. Thus abbreviation can be termed as the short form of any word or phrase.

The abbreviations of the word Abbreviation are abbr, abbrev and abbrv.

What is the difference between abbreviation and acronym?

As said earlier, abbreviation is the short form of any word or phrase. Example : abbreviation of street is st.

Acronym is a word formed by using the first letters of all the words in a particular phrase. Acronym can be termed as a subset of Abbreviation. Hence, all acronyms are abbreviations.

Example :

ASAP is an acronym formed by using the first letters of all the words in the phrase As soon as possible.

What are the different types of abbreviation?

Abbreviations can be of six types.

1. This type of abbreviation uses capital letters and dots.

Example : M.B.A = Masters of Business Administration

2. Second type of abbreviation uses only capital letters like

Example : ABC = American Broadcasting Company.

3. Third type of abbreviation uses only small letters with dots.

Example : e.g. = exempli gratia

4. This type of abbreviation is a mixture of capital and small letters where small letters are used for terms like OF.

Example : MoMA = Museum of Modern Art

5. Fifth type of abbreviation uses internal capital letters.

Example : CompTech = Computer Technology.

6. The final type of abbreviation is an amalgamation of the previous types.

Example : B.Sc. = Bachelor of Science

How is an abbreviation used?

Generally, we do not use abbreviations in formal writing. The ones which are often used are used for titles like Mr. Dr. Mrs.

Examples :

Mr. John

Dr. Singh

Mrs. Thaper

Few Abbreviations :

AICTE = All India Council of Technical Education

AIDS = Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

B.M. = Bachelor of Medicine

B.M. = Bachelor of Music

B.M.S. = Bachelor of Marine Science

EXIM Bank = Export-Import Bank of India

ICJ = International Court of Justice

NDA = National Defence Academy

TOEFL = Test of English as a Foreign Language

WTO = World Trade Organisation

UPA = United Progressive Alliance

UPS = Uninterrupted Power Supply

UPSC = Union Public Service Commission

UNICEF = United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund

UPSC = Union Public Service Commission

TELEX = Teleprinter Exchange

TRAI = Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

STD = Subscribers Trunk Dialing

SCOPE = Standing Conference of Public Enterprises


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