ROOT-WORD is the Prefix AD which means TO & TOWARD. This key is a bit difficult. Please look at No. 15 on the list. The AD has become AC. In No. 16 the AD has become AF; in No. 17 AD has become AG. In No. 18 it is AL. In No. 19 it is AN. The d in all these words has assimilated with the letter of the root. Before r the d becomes AR; as in AR range; before s we have Assure; before t we have Attract; before p we have Approach. But they still all mean To & TOWARD

1. Adaptable: AD aptable (a dap’ ta b’l) adj.

Is able to fit in; pliable

2. Addict: AD dict (ad’ ikt) n.

One who is given over to a habit, often drugs

3. Adequate: AD equate (ad’ e kwat) adj.

Equal to the need; sufficient

4. Adhere: AD here (ad here’) v.

Stick to; be faithful

5. Adjacent: AD jacent (a jase’ ent) adj.

Lying near; side by side

6. Adjunct: AD junct (aj’ unkt) n.

One thing joined to another

7. Admire: AD mire (ad mire’) v.

Wonder at with pleasure

8. Adulterate: AD ulterate (a dul’ te rate) v.

To change to an impure quality; as to put sand in the cement

9. Advance: AD vance (ad vans’) v.

To go forward

10. Advantage: AD vantage (ad vant’ ij) n.

A favorable condition

11. Advertise: AD vertise (ad’ ver tize) v.

To notify about; bring to public attention

12. Advocate: AD vocate (ad’ vo kate) v.

To speak out for a worthy cause

13. Advice: AD vise (ad vize’) v.

To give guidance, advice; to caution

14. Administer: AD minister (ad min’ i ster) v.

To take charge of; to manage

15. Accept: AC cept (ak sept’) v.

To receive; to take to oneself

16. Affiance: AF fiancé ( a fie’ ans) v.

To promise to wed; to engage for marriage

17. Aggressive: AG gressive (a gres’ iv) adj.

Inclined to attack; drive forward

18. Allege: AL lege ( a jej’) v.

To declare

19. Announce: AN nounce ( a nouns’) v.

Make known to the public

20. Assert: As sert (a sert’) v.

To declare, state positively

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