Adjectives of Size

Adjectives of Size :

There are different kinds of adjectives. Some adjectives describe the qualities of nouns.

a cold drink
a hot bun
an ugly monster
a fierce dog
a loud crash
a beautiful rainbow
a clever monkey
a difficult question
happy children
a kind lady
a new car
an old house
a pretty girl
a rich family
a sad story
a strong man
a wicked queen

Some adjectives tell you which place or country a person or thing comes from, or belongs to. They are called adjectives of origin.

Chinese kungfu
an Indian temple
a Mexican hat
Dutch clogs
A Filipino shirt
Australian apples
a Balinese dancer
the English language
the French flag
an Italian car
a Japanese garden
a Scottish kilt
Thai boxing

Some adjectives tell you the color of things.

Please get me some white paint.
The sky is gray.
Your hands are black!
The sea is blue.
George is wearing brown shoes.
I don’t like green apples.
Carrots are orange.
Flamingos are pink.
Eggplants are purple.
Roses are red.

Some adjectives tell you the size of the nouns they describe.

a huge balloon
a fat sumo wrestler
a thin boy
a short man
a big hat
broad shoulders
a high mountain
a large ship
a long bridge
a low ceiling
a narrow path
small animals
tiny insects
a wide street

The word tall describes people and narrow, upright objects.

For example, you can say….

a tall girl
a tall bookcase

The word high describes bigger or wider objects that reach a great height.

For example, you can say…

a high mountain
a high wall

Numbers are adjectives, too. They tell you how many people, animals, or things there are. Sometimes they are called adjectives of quantity.

Adjectives that tell you about quantity are also called quantifying determiners.

one giant
two princes
three princesses
four mermaids
five witches
six fairies
seven elves
eight puppets
nine dwarfs
ten angels
eleven hens
fifteen frogs
nineteen lizards
twelve geese
sixteen snails
twenty butterflies
thirteen birds
seventeen kittens
fourteen mice
eighteen ants

Other adjectives tell you something about quantity without giving you the exact number.

some soldiers
a lot of books
a few cups
a few puppies
a little ice cream
a little rice
not many people
too much salt
lots of insects
plenty of money
some food
Is there any milk?

Examples :

Dad has two pairs of shoes.
One pair is brown and the other pair is black.
This is a very simple puzzle.
What color is the American flag?
A kind fairy appeared before Cinderella.
He is a proud man.
There is some food left.
Tom is wearing a blue T-shirt.
Jack has ten marbles; Peter has twenty.
How many marbles have Jack and Peter altogether?
There is an Indian temple in the city.
There is a large crowd outside the temple.
My house is just a few miles from the school.
They are driving a small car.
Sue likes those yellow and red balloons.

Adjectives of Size :

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