Advice to The Students on Cyber Safety

Advice to The Students on Cyber Safety :

Do not use cellphone while it is being charged in an electric point.

Cellphones are not to be kept in pocket in vibration mode.

Repeated calls from unknown numbers may be ignored.

Sharing any personal details with an unknown person may be avoided.

When cellphone is lost, the service provider may be alerted and requested to deactivate the SIM card to prevent any misuse by others.

Do not share your email password to anyone.

Do not share your PIN numbers of your Debit Cards / Credit Cards / ATM Cards with anyone.

Do not exchange your personal information with strangers through emails.

Do not chat / interact with unknown people through social networks like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, etc…

Do not believe blindly in the content you find in the internet.

Do not watch digital content which may embarrass your brother, sister or others.

Do not accept Friend’s Request from unknown persons.

Reject Friend’s Request made from people other than from peer groups.

Alert your Parents or School Head when you get abusive emails.

Do not forget to log out after using any social network site.

Change your passwords frequently / periodically.

Seek the help of your parents or teachers if you buy anything from a website.

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Advice to The Students on Cyber Safety :

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