ROOT-WORD is the Suffix AGE which means ACT OF, STATE OF, FUNCTION, RESULT OF & COLLECTION OF. It is an easy ROOT-WORD to recognize. Other words you will meet with this ROOT-WORD are dotAGE, mirAGE, sabotAGE and many others.

1. Carriage : carri AGE (kar’ ij) n.

The act or manner of carrying oneself

2. Courage : cour AGE (kur’ ij) n.

Strength of mind and heart

3. Courageous : cour AGE ous (ku ray’ jus) adj.

Having strength; lacking fear: being brave

4. Outrageous : outr AGE ous (out ray’ jus) adj.

Full of wild misdoing; abusive

5. Marring : marri AGE (mar; ij) n.

State of wedlock

6. Marriageable : marri AGE able (mar’ ij a b’l) adj.

Can be married

7. Envisage : envis AGE (en viz’ ij) v.

To see with the mind’s eye

8. Outrage : out AGE (out’ raje) n.

Wild wrong doing; abuse

9. Damage : damage (dam’ ij) n.

Loss due to injury; harm

10. Outrageously : outr AGE ously (out ray’ jus lee) adv.

Wildly; abusively

11. Salvage : salv AGE (sal; vij) v.

Save; make fit for use; as, salvage a ship

12. Salvageable : salv AGF able (sal’ vij a b’l) adj.

Worth saving

13. Forage : for AGE (for’ ij) n.

Food for horses and cattle

14. Forage : for AGE (for’ ij) v.

Search for food; as, to secure food by striping a farm

15. Storage : stor AGE (stor’ ij) n.

Act of storing; as, for safe-keeping

16. Pillage : pill AGE (pil’ ij) n.

Act of robbery; plunder in war

17. Visage : vis AGE (viz’ ij) n.

Face; appearance

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