ali, allo & alter

ROOT-WORDS are ALI, ALLO & ALTER all meaning OTHER. In spite of the various spellings they are still one ROOT and a very useful one. It opens doors to criminology, law, medicine, metallurgy, botany and the delicate matter of forgery (No.10). Never a dull moment!

1. Alias : ALI as (a’ lee as) n.

An assumed name, usually to escape the law

2. Alibi : ALI bi (al’ i bie) n.

Proof of being elsewhere at the time of a crime

3. Alien : ALI en (a’ lee en) n.

A foreigner; not a citizen

4. Alienable : ALI enable (ale’ ye na b’l) adj.

Can be transferred to another

5. Inalienable : in ALI enable (in ale’ ye na b’l) adj.

Cannot be taken away; as, inalienable rights

6. Alienist : ALI enist (a’ lee en ist) n.

One who treats diseases of the mind; a psychiatrist

7. Allogamy : ALLO gamy (a log’ a me) n.

Reproduction by cross-fertilization

8. Alienate : ALI enate (a’ lee a nate) v.

To transfer to another; to estrange

9. Alienation : ALI enation (a lee e nay’ shun) .

The act of transferring to another; as, alienation of affections

10. Allograph : ALLO graph (al’ o graf) n.

The signing of another’s name; forgery

11. Allotypical : ALLO typical (al o tip’ i kal) adj.

Relating to other types

12. Allolalia : ALLO lalia (al o lay’ li a) n.

A form of aphasia in which other words are spoken than those intended

13. Allonym : ALLO nym (al’ o nim) n.

The name of another person used by an author

14. Allonymous : ALLO nymous ( alon’ i mus) adj.

Using another’s name for one’s own work

15. Alter : ALTER (al’ ter) v.

To change somewhat

16. Alteration : ALTER ation (al ter ay’ shun)

A change; as, an alteration in plan was necessary

17. Alter ego : ALTER ego (al’ ter e go) n.

A second self; a bosom friend

18. Altercate : ALTER cate (al’ ter kate) v.

To dispute; to wrangle

19. Alternate : ALTER nate (al’ tern at) adj.

By turns, now one, now another; as, an alternate rhyme scheme

20. Alternative : ALTER native (al ter’ nat iv) n.

Another choice; as, I had no alternative

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