All is well that ends well.

All is well that ends well.

An idle brain is the workshop of a devil.

A person who sits and lazes around without doing any fruitful work is called an idle man. Such a man is not only wasting his energies but is also dangerous for the society. He gets dangerous ideas which are not only harmful to him but also to the whole society and so his brain is compared to the workshop of devil.

The brain is the chief controlling centre of the man and can be used for constructive as well as destructive purposes. The major inventions that took place in this world are a result of man putting his brain to the proper use. When a brain is not engaged in constructive activities it goes astray and thinks of destructive things which lead to a lot of problems.

All the wars and all the destruction in this world are a result of some idle brains at work. Once, an idle person was aimlessly walking along the road. A stone on the street hit his thumb of the leg and it was bleeding. In anger he picked the stone and threw away and it broke the window of a nearby house and this caused the house owner to pick up a quarrel with him. Thus the whole fight started because the man was idle and had nothing to do. The quarrel resulted in discord between the idle person and the house owner.

So, we have to keep our brain active and to do something useful to the society so that our actions and time will be of help to others.

All is well that ends well.

This maxim originated from the title of the famous play written by Shakespeare. It means that even if there are quarrels or fights between people or countries as long as things end up in a bright note with an amicable solution, it brings relief and happiness to one and all concerned.

In Shakespeare novels he has a protagonist and an antagonist and there are many other characters that always live with fear of the antagonist. The antagonist creates problems. But it is also solved and the story ends with a happy note and brings relief to everyone concerned.

Some times there may be two friends who will have a difference of opinion and this will lead to a quarrel which leads to hostility. Hostility never brings gain but leads to loss of energy, money, time and even life. But the situation ends in a happy reconciliation it will be good to the persons concerned and will bring happiness to them. This situation is also seen in history where many countries have strained relations with their neighboring countries. This leads to lot of problems to both the countries. But when such differences are sorted out it is a huge relief to people of both countries. When Germany was split into two countries both the countries had cultural differences and political policies. They had a hostile attitude towards each other. But finally they came to an amicable solution AND their differences and issues were reconciled and they united into a single nation.

All is well that ends well.


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