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A Night at The Theater

SHANNON : What a fantastic performance! Thank you for inviting me to the musical.

ELENA : You are welcome. I’m happy you enjoyed the show. The choreography of the dancers was incredible. It reminds me of when I used to dance.

SHANNON : I know! You were such a talented ballerina. Do you miss dancing?

ELENA : Oh, that’s very kind of you, Shannon. I do miss it sometimes. But I will always be a fan of the arts. That’s why I love going to musicals because it’s the perfect combination of song, dance and theater.

SHANNON : Absolutely! I’m glad you are still an art fan too. Thank you for the invitation. It’s always a pleasure to attend an arts event with you and learn something new.


You are welcome. Elena replies “You are welcome” in this dialogue. She could also say, “Don’t mention it,” which is an example of downgrading. Downgrading a compliment varies with culture. When in doubt, just say “You are welcome.”

When getting a compliment to someone (for example: “You were such a talented ballerina”), you can either accept the compliment (“That’s very kind of you”) or downplay the compliment (“Oh, I wasn’t that good”).

Giving compliments in English often includes using superlatives (“the most …,” “the best …”). This is the best musical playing on Broadway! / What’s the most entertaining movie you’ve seen? However, compliments can also be given by using the construction “I’m a fan of …”: I’m a fan of the arts. / I’m a big fan of theater. / I’m a huge fan of this band. Notice the use of adjectives.

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