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Taking A Vacation

American English in Taking A Vacation :

JULIE : I just bought a ticket to New York City. I’m so excited to see the city!

SOPHIE : Good for you! Traveling is so much fun. I love discovering new places and new people. When are you leaving?

JULIE : Next week. I’m taking the red eye. It was cheaper. Hopefully, I’ll be able to sleep on the plane.

SOPHIE : I wish I could go with you! New York City is a magical place. You will have so much fun.

JULIE : I hope so. I’m going to visit my brother who lives there. I will stay for a week and then take the train down to Washington, D.C.

SOPHIE : That sounds like a great vacation. I’m looking forward to a week at the beach for my summer vacation. I just want to relax.


Ticket can refer to many different types of transportation (metro, bus, train, plane, etc.). In general, you can guess the means of transportation by the context.

When discussing airplane travel, a red eye is a flight that leaves at night to arrive early the next morning. This is in reference to how red your eyes become when you don’t get a full night’s sleep.

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American English in Taking A Vacation :

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