ROOT-WORD is the Prefix AN which means NOT & ABSENCE OF. Sometimes, but rarely, the n is omitted, as in Abyss - bottomless depth. Do not confuse AN = NOT with the suffix AN which you have had in AmericAN - NATIVE OF. It makes all the difference in the world whether the ROOT-WORD in question is a Prefix or a Suffix.

1. Anecdote : AN ecdote (an’ ek dote) n.

A story or personal item not generally known

2. Anecdotage : AN ecdotage (an’ ek dote ij) n.

A collection of anecdotes

3. Anecdotal : AN ecdotal (an ek dote’ al) adj.

Interesting; lively in conversation

4. Anecdotist : AN ecdotist (an’ ek dote ist) n.

One who tells anecdotes

5. Anemia : AN emia (a nee’ mee a) n.

A condition in which there are not enough red blood cells

6. Anemic : AN emic ( a nee’ milk) adj.

Deficient in red blood cells

7. Anesthesia : AN esthesia (an es the’ zha) n.

Absence of felling; numbness

8. Anesthetic : AN esthetic (an es thet’ ik) n.

An agent to produce anesthesia, such as either

9. Anesthetize : AN esthetize (a nes’ the tize) v.

To induce anesthesia

10. Anesthetist : AN estheist (a nes’ thet ist) n.

The physician who administers the anesthetic

11. Anodyne : AN odyne (an’ o dine) n.

Creating an absence of pain; a narcotic

12. Anomaly : AN omaly (a nom’ a lee) n.

A difference from the common rule; as irregularity; as, a birdthat does not fly

13. Anomalous : AN omalous ( a nom’ a lus) adj.

Irregular; uncomfortable

14. Anonym : AN onym (an’ o nim) n.

A person or a writer who keeps his name unkown

15. Anonymous : AN onymous (a non’ I mus) adj.

Without a name; as, an anonymous donation

16. Anonymity : AN onymity (an o nim’ it ee) n.

The state of being nameless

17. Anelectric : AN electric (an e lek’ trik) adj.

Not electrified by friction

18. Anopia : AN opia (an o’ pi a) n.

Absence of the eye; vision that is defective

19. Anorganism : AN organism (an or’ gan iz um) n.

An inorganic body; as, a crystal

20. Anomy : AN omy (an’ o me) n.

State of absence of law and order

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