An honest man is the noblest work of god.

An honest man is the noblest work of god.

All that glitters is not gold.

This saying from Shakespeare means that an object should not be valued for its external characteristic like glitter. But it should be valued for its internal nature. The statements like…

All are not saints that go to church.

Appearances may be deceiving.

Also mean the same thing as this saying. This proverb is mainly due to the thing called fools gold which is a compound of silver but also glitters.

Due its glitter many people mistook it for gold. But on closer examination it was found that it was not real gold. Similarly a person may talk and appear to be good person but on closer examination we will learn that he is not a good person and he is only pretending to be good.

We live in a world where outward appearances are given more importance than the real character. Shops are decorated to showcase their things and even useless things are packed and wrapped attractively. Diamonds and glass look nearly alike. But diamonds are more rare and harder than glass. So the outward appearances should always be checked with the internal character of a substance.

An honest man is the noblest work of god.

An honest man is a man of high morals and he never cheats or tries to exploits other person. He stays honest not because he did not get the opportunity to cheat others but only because he thinks that honesty is the best policy. Such a man not only does good to people but also create a belief of god in others.

One of the greatest philosophers in the world - Socrates - is remembered for preaching people to remain honest and do well to others. His teachings on truth and honesty made to him a great man. Since people with noble character are remembered all over the world, they are considered to be the finest work of god in the creation of human race.

There are many who with a lot of money are not honest. They might have earned their money by dishonest means. Their past would withhold them from becoming honest people. AT the same time there are many people who with little money remain honest. In spite of their poverty or limited resources, they remain steadfast as honest.

We have to remain honest till the very end of the last day. Our Honesty and Rectitude will keep our children safe and secured for a long time to come.

An honest man is the noblest work of god.


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