ROOT-WORD is the Prefix ANA. It has several important meanings. 1) UP as in No.4, ANAcatharsis. 2) BACK as in No. 7, ANAchronism. 3) AGAIN as in No.11, ANAlpsis, be well again. 4) EXCESSIVE, TOO MUCH as in No. 8, ANAcusia, quite deaf.

1. Anabasis : ANA basis (a nab’ a sis) n.

A journey upward; a military advance

2. Anabiosis : ANA biosis (an a bie o’ sis) n.

The state of suspended animation

3. Anabiotic : ANA biotic (an a bie ot’ ik) adj.

Relating to anabiosis

4. Anacatharsis : ANA catharsis (an a ka thar’ sis) n.

Severe vomiting

5. Anacephalize : ANA cephalize (an a sef’ a lize) v.

To review; recapitulate

6. Anachorism : ANA chorism (a nak’ o riz um) n.

A thing out of place in terms of geography

7. Anachronism : ANA chronism (a nak’ ro niz um) n.

An error in order of time

8. Anacusia : ANA cusia (an a kue’ zhi a) n.

Complete deafness

9. Anadipsia : ANA dipsia (an a dip’ si a) n.

Excessive desire to drink

10. Anagenesis : ANA genesis (an a jen’ e sis) n.

Restoration of tissue

11. Analeptic : ANA leptic (an al ep’ tik) adj.

Restorative; giving strength

12. Analogy : ANA logy (a nal’ o jee) n.

A resemblance between two situations

13. Analogue : ANA logue (an’ al og) n.

A situation which corresponds to another

14. Analogous : ANA logous (a nal’ o gus) adj.

Corresponding to; as, an analogous case

15. Anagram : ANA gram (an’ a gram) n.

A word formed from the scrambled letters of another word

16. Analyze : ANA lyze (an’ al ize) v.

Examine all elements; as, analyze a word

17. Analysis : ANA lysis (a nal’ i sis) n.

Separation into elements

18. Analytic : ANA lytic (an al it’ ik) adj.

Treating of analysis

19. Analytically : ANA lytically (an al it’ i k’l lee) adv.

In the manner of analysis

20. Ananym : ANA nym (an’ a nim) n.

The spelling of a name backward for use as a pseudonym; as, MR. Draw for Mr. Ward

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