ancy & ance

ROOT-WORDS are the Suffixes ANCE & ANCY meaning ACTION, PROCESS, QUALITY, STYATE and DEGREE. It is surprising and pleasing to see how much of the strangeness of a word disappears as soon as you know the Prefixes and the Suffixes.

1. Accountancy : account ANCY (a kount’ an see) n.

The job of record keeping

2. Assistance : assist ANCE (a sis’ tans) n.

The act of giving help to one in need of it

3. Attendance : attend ANCE (a ten’ dans) n.

The act of waiting upon; service

4. Allowance : allow ANCE (A low’ ans) n.

The amount granted, often for expenses

5. Alliance : alli ANCE (A lie’ ans) n.

The state of being joined together

6. Defiance : defi ANCE (de fie’ ans) n.

The act of defying; state of being against

7. Endurance : endur ANCE (en dur’ ans) n.

The ability to withstand hardship

8. Elegance : eleg ANCE (el’ e gans) n.

The qualities of tastefulness and gracefulness

9. Reluctance : reluct ANCE (re luk’ tans) n.


10. Tolerance : toler ANCE (tol’ e rans) n.

An act of courteous forbearance to differences

11. Intolerance : intoler ANCE (in tol’ e rans) n.

Opposite of No.10

12. militance : milit ANCY (mil’ i tan see) n.

A fighting spirit

13. Dominance : domin ANCE (dom’ i nans) n.

State of authority

14. Relevance : relev ANCE (rel’ e vans) n.

Quality of being related to something

15. Vigilance : vigil ANCE (vij’ i lans) n.

Watchfulness; alertness

16. Resistance : resist ANCE (re zis’ tans) n.

The process of standing against something

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