Anger is a stone cast into the nest of a wasp.

Anger is a stone cast into the nest of a wasp.

A wise man makes his own decisions but an ignorant man follows the public opinion.

The importance to think and decide for oneself is impressed upon in this Chinese proverb. When somebody is in trouble it is better to make decisions for oneself than to seek advice from somebody and then to follow it. If we seek advice from somebody we may not get a genuine advice or they may not have foresight to anticipate the problems we may face during the resolution of the trouble or there may be a divided opinion on the solution and this may confuse him. The worst thing which could happen is that enemies may make use of his situation to confuse him and mislead him and create problem for him.

Long time ago there lived an honest shepherd who saved enough money to get into a business and sought the opinion of people to know what kind of business to do and how to do it. A large number of people came forward to give him advice. Few said it is important to pretend to be rich before he starts up some business. So the shepherd spent his money on buying new dress. He finally ended up spending his money in pretending to be rich rather than starting a business. Thus seeking public opinion ruined his dreams.

Anger is a stone cast into the nest of a wasp.

Anger is one of the worst qualities of men. It not only causes damage to the person who gets angry but it also affects his surroundings and affects the harmony of the place. The Greek Philosopher Horace has rightly said that ….Rage is a form of temporary madness. When a man loses his temper he quickly forgets the present, past and the surroundings and says what he should not be saying at that place and thus he ends up creating a lot of enemies. Loss of temper and flying into rage often creates a chain reaction.

Such process once started cannot be contained easily. If we throw a stone at a wasp’s nest immediately we will be attacked by a horde of wasps and so we will have to flee away from the place. So we should always be aware of the surroundings when we lose our temper. This does not mean that we should not lose our temper. It only means that we should show our anger only at the right time in the right amount.

Anger is a stone cast into the nest of a wasp.


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