ROOT-WORD is the Root ARCH which means RULER. It comes from the GREEK archos. From this basic meaning it is associated with chief or head or king or origin in one way or another. You can make many words with ARCH, from ARCHbishop to ARCHfoe, from ARCHfriend to ARCHilar. Sometimes it is pronounced ARCH and sometimes ARK.

1. Myriarch : myri ARCH (mir’ i ark) n.

A leader of 10,000 troops

2. Panarchy : pan ARCH y (pan’ ar ki) n.

Government by all; universal rule

3. Anarchy : an ARCH y (an’ ar kee) n.

A state without government

4. Architect : ARCH itect (ar’ ki tekt) n.

The creator of a design or plan for a building

5. Biarchy : bi ARCH y (bie’ ar ki) n.

Government by two people

6. Chiliarch : chili ARCH (kil’ i ark) n.

Chief over a thousand troops

7. Exilarch : exil ARCH (ek; si lark) n.

Ruler over the Jews in Babylon

8. Ecclesiarch : ecelesi ARCH (e klee’ zi ark) n.

The leader of a church

9. Demarch : dem ARCH (dee’ mark) n.

The mayor in modern Greece

10. Endarchy : end ARCH y (en’ dark ee) n.

Government from an inner center of control

11. Genarch : gen ARCH (jen’ ark) n.

The head of a family

12. Hierarch : hier ARCH (hie’ a rark) n.

A leader in the church

13. Monarch : mon ARCH (mon’ ark) n.

A single ruler, as a king

14. Matriarch : matri ARCH (may’ tree ark) n.

The female head of a tribe or family

15. Patriarch : patri ARCH (pay’ tree ark) n.

The male head of family or tribe

16. Oligarchy : olig ARCH y (ol’ i gar kee) n.

Government in the hands of a few

17. Pentarchy : pent ARCH y (pent’ ar kee) n.

Government by five rulers or five powers

18. Polemarch : polem ARCH (pol’ e mark) n.

A military leader in Athens

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