ROOT-WORD is the Suffix ATE which means to CAUSE & MAKE. In the following list all the words are verbs. In other places you will find ATE as an ending for nouns, as in No.2, which can also be a noun meaning a defender. No.7 can be a noun, too, meaning one who deviates. The meaning is practically the same - ATE = CAUSES & MAKES.

1. Dedicate : dedic ATE (ded’ i kate) v.

To set apart for a purpose

2. Advocate : advoc ATE (ad’ vo kate) v.

To speak for; to defend

3. Arrogate : arrog ATE (ar’ o gate) v.

To claim as one’s own without right

4. Educate : educ ATE (ej’ u kate) v.

To provide with schooling; to lead to knowledge

5. Consecrate : consecr ATE (kon’ se krate) v.

To put into religious office by a rite; to make sacred; as to consecrate an altar

6. Abbreviate : abbrevi ATE (a bree’ vee ate) v.

Make short

7. Deviate : devi ATE (dee’ vee ate) v.

To turn aside from the right way; cause to stray

8. Attenuate : attenu ATE (a ten’ yu wate) v.

To make thin; to weaken

9. Enumerate : enumer ATE (e nu’ mer ate) v.

To count; list one after the other

10. Emanate : eman ATE (em’ a nate) v.

To come from; to flow forth

11. Exaggerate : exagger ATE (eg zaj’ e rate) v.

To cause to appear larger than reality

12. Fascinate : fascin ATE (fas’ in ate) v.

To put under a spell; charm

13. Integrate : integr ATE (int’ e grate) v.

To cause to become a whole

14. Infiltrate : infiltr ATE (in fil’ trate) v.

To cause to slip through; as through enemy lines or a filter

15. Liquidate : liquid ATE (lik’ wi date) v.

To end a debt by payment; to eliminate

16. Segregate : segred ATE (seg’ re gate) v.

To keep apart; separate

17. Permeate : perme ATE (per’ mee ate) v.

To go through and through

18. Enervate : enerv ATE (en’ er vate) v.

To take away strength; enfeeble

19. Emancipate : emancip ATE (a man’ si pate) v.

To set free from control; release from slavery

20. Decimate : decim ATE (des’ i mate) v.

To kill every tenth man in a group; destroy large numbers

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