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These ROOT-WORDS are AUTO & AUT which mean SELF. It comes from the Greek autos meaning self & same. This one is the most important to ourselves because it is our very SELF. Our bodies are automated and they give us a great deal of self-service; breathing, digesting, thinking - all with practically no aid from ourselves. Word No. 8 is particularly interesting. It meant a great deal to Louis Pasteur, although in his day “spontaneous generation” was the phrase used. When you reach LOGO you will read a thumbnail sketch of Louis Pasteur.

1. Autograph : AUTO graph (aut’ o graf) n.

A person’s signature

2. Autobiography : AUTO biography (aut o bie og’ ra fee) n.

The story of one’s life written by oneself

3. Autocrat : AUTO crat (aut’ o krat) n.

An absolute monarch; a depot

4. Autocratic : AUTO critic (aut o krat’ ik) adj.

In the nature of an autocrat; despotic

5. Autocracy : AUTO cracy (au tok’ ra see) n.

State governed by absolute rule; supremacy

6. Autarch : AUT arch (au’ tark) n.

An absolute ruler; a despot

7. Autarchy : AUT archy (au’ tar kee) n.

Absolute rule; despotism

8. Autogenesis : AUTO genesis (aut o jen’ e sis) n.

Born from oneself; spontaneously generated

9. Autognosis : AUTO gnosis (au tog no’ sis) n.

Self-knowledge; self-understanding

10. Autoignition : AUTO ignition (au to ig nish’ un) n.

Self-kindling; spontaneous ignition

11. Autoinfection : AUTO infection (aut o in fek’ shun) n.

Infection caused from within one’s own body

12. Autointoxication: AUTO intoxication (aut o in tok si kay’ shun) n.


13. Automat : AUTO mat (aut’ o mat) n.

A self-service cafeteria

14. Automatic : AUTO matic (aut o mat’ ik) adj.

Having self-acting and self-regulating mechanism

15. Automation : AUTO mation (aut o may’ shun) n.

An industrial system using machinery that runs itself

16. Automation : AURO maton (aut o may’ shun) n.

An industrial system using machinery that runs itself

17. Automibile : AUTO mobile (aut o mo bele’) n.

A vehicle containing its own means of propulsion

18. Automotive : AUTO motive (aut o mote’ iv) adj.

Self-moving; as, an automotive machine

19. Autonomy : AUTO nomy (Au ton’ o mee) n.

Self-government; independence of action

20. Autonomous : AUTO nomous (au ton’ o mus) adj.

Self-governing; independent in action

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