Autobiography of A Computer

Autobiography of A Computer :

Hello friends!

I am a computer or in your words a Desktop. Today I’m going to share a story with all of you…..the story of my life. I was born on the 15th day of September 2008 in a manufacturing unit of a very famous computer manufacturing company located in a small town few kilometers away from Chennai. After spending few days in the manufacturing unit, I was transported to a different place far away from Chennai. On the 1st day of October 2008 I reached Kolkata commonly known as the CITY OF JOY. The distributor brought me and many of my friends to his store and then after few days he sent me and some of my friends to a big, brightly illuminated, wonderful showroom. In the showroom I made many friends. All of us enjoyed a lot. We all were eagerly waiting for our new and permanent shelter.

On 20th October 2008, I was purchased. The fact that I am going to get a permanent shelter made me very happy. At the same time I was sad as I had to leave my friends. I was worried too, thinking about my future. The customer brought me to his home in an air conditioned car with lot of care. Though I was traveling through the busy streets of Kolkata stuck with traffic, my journey was quite comfortable. Finally I reached my new home which too was beautiful and definitely bigger than the showroom.

The customer called his daughter Diya and handed me over to her. Listening to their conversation, I realized that I was a surprise gift for Diya. Diya was absolutely thrilled and I received a grand welcome at my new home. Since then, Diya and myself were best of friends. When I was gifted to Diya, she was a student studying in the ninth standard. Diya used me for her educational purpose mainly for her projects. I tried my level best to help her by functioning in the best possible way. In the beginning, Diya was not very well conversant with me, but I knew that she loved me a lot for she was very caring towards me and possessive about me. The fact that Diya could not make optimum use of my capacity disturbed me a lot. But gradually she learnt every bit of it. We used to spend hours with each other and both us became intimate friends. When Diya scored well in her board-papers and projects, I used to feel extremely satisfied and happy, thinking that I have served for a good cause.

Along with Diya, almost all the family members started using me for different purposes. I turned out to be an indispensable object in the household. I also continued performing to the best of my capability as I did not want to disappoint anyone. Now Diya is doing post graduation. She has friends who incite her to use me for wrong purposes like watching unwanted videos and songs. I feel sad that my friend is misusing me to a large extent. But I am helpless as my job is just to follow the instruction of the user. At times I wish I could speak, I just could not tell Diya that it’s harmful for her as well as for me, as I have to fight severe dangerous viruses. Diya fails to understand that how painful it is for me to suffer from harsh virus attacks.

Seven long years have gone by. With the passage of time, I am growing old. My capacity and capability have started weakening and worsening. I feel absolutely exhausted after working for long hours, thereby I stop working. The users get annoyed when I stop working. They fail to understand that just like human beings I too need rest after working for long hours. Today, Diya’s new friend is a laptop which can perform better than me in many ways. I feel neglected. Every moment I expect my friend Diya to spend sometime with me, but she does not even look at me. I miss every moment we had spent together. Now my sole friend Diya treats me like garbage, waiting to dispose me any time.

Like all human beings perish, I know that even my life will come to an end very soon. Before I am disposed and my life comes to an end, I would like to convey a message to all my friends - we computers want to help you to the best of our capacity and capability. We want to be your best friend. Please do not misuse us and make us your enemies.

This is the story of my life – the story of a computer. Goodbye friends….

By Sormista Pal – India

Autobiography of A Computer - Autobiography of A Computer

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