Autobiography of A Park

Autobiography of A Park

Dear friends,

I am very confident of the fact that all of you must have visited a park or may be…you still love to visit a park. WHY NOT! Who does not like to visit a park? The very name of a PARK refreshes the nerves of all mortals. Let me introduce myself. I am a park. My name is HERITAGE PARK. I was born in 1926, when the British ruled India, in Calcutta. Ooops sorry! Now its Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I was just a vast land covered with lush green grass with a pond at the centre brimming with water. The Britishers beautified me in several ways and I cooperated with them with a heart full of gratitude. I welcomed the Britishers when they came for jogging, morning walk, for several sports like cricket, football etc. In the evening British kids came to me for playing. But I felt very sorry because though I am a part India. Very few elite Indians were allowed to visit me. Not all Indians could explore my beauty. I was delighted when Mother India gained her independence as I was selected for several celebrations by the Indians. With open arms I embraced uncountable Indian friends of all age groups.

Since then several years have passed. I stood at the same place and in same condition or should I say that gradually my condition started deteriorating and needless to say I became a destination of drug addicts and anti-socials. I was shunned by every law-abiding person. Everyday after sunset I had to witness innumerable criminal activities like, murder, chain-snatching, etc. Nobody watered the plants. So they started withering. Thereby all my glory was coming to an end. Every morning, I thought that I am going to witness the sunrise for the last time, it seemed as if I was counting my breath, precisely speaking I was witnessing my death. As they say there is hope till last breath, I too never lost hope. When my days were filled with intense darkness, I hoped that one day I will regain my glory and grace. I will be much more beautiful than before. Everyday the number of visitors will increase. This was the hope which worked like medicine and helped me to survive.

I was surving with loneliness and extreme pain. But as the intensity of my pain increased, the hope for regaining my splendour also kept on mounting very high. One day, the miracle happened, few government officials along with policemen visited me. It seemed they were discussing something very imperative. Soon after the officials left, a large number of policemen entered completely equipped with all their necessities. Some of the policemen pitched tents. Some of them started patrolling. Nobody was allowed to enter the park. After several years, I could breathe peacefully. I felt very secure. After two or three days, I saw few people were allowed to enter. They were representatives of the government. The officials started to take measurements from every corner. I overheard their conversation and became rest assure of the fact that I am going to undergo the refurbishment procedure very soon. I was completely enthralled as I was waiting for this moment for so many years. My excitement knew no bounds.

I was thoroughly enjoying the restoration process. It seemed as if I was going through makeover procedure. After eighteen months the restoration process ended. I got a new name HERITAGE PARK. I was blooming from all perspectives. Today thousands of people come to visit me everyday and I greet them warm heartedly. Now, I have developed several new features which make me much more gorgeous, beautiful and functional than earlier. My new features include a yoga hut, a small market or Haat where authentic handicrafts of Bengal are displayed for sale, open stage for theatre, a gym, an aerobics den, a coffee bar, a restaurant, a well equipped children’s park, a pond encircled with fountains serves as the home for various colourful fishes, a beautiful jogger’s park, a cricket coaching centre, a karate coaching centre and last but not the least a well embellished sprawling garden. Oh! I forgot to mention that today I am a renowned tourist spot and my friends now you can see me in movies too.

Every dawn I wake up before sunrise and witness the morning sun brightening the sky with its gleaming rays. Everyday is a new day for me. I wake up with a new spirit hoping like the sun even I would be able to brighten up the lives of all visitors. At night, I go off to sleep when the soothing moon wraps me up with its gentle light and the stars comforting me by throwing their soft twinkling light on me. With the patrolling officers guarding me at night l feel absolutely safe knowing that nobody would be able to injure or destroy me. Though I am ninety years old now but still I do not feel that I have grown old. It seems that I am much younger, attractive, stunning than what I was fifty years back.

Truly speaking, I have understood that nothing comes free in life. In order to get something splendid in life, you really have to pay a very high price for it….the way I paid. Today I do not simply exist. I am living gracefully and positively. The grace and positivity which I have regained has erased all undesirable memories of those dark days I faced once upon a time and has given me the strength to greet everything pleasant warm heartedly. Friends its time to say goodbye. All I want say is never lose hope in life at times life proves out be very cruel. But that is the time when life tests our patience and faith. Stay positive and life will fill your life with light which will brighten your life with all best elements that are beyond your expectations. Trust me life is beautiful….. adieu.

Author : Ms. Sormista Pal - Kolkata - West Bengal - India.

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