Be Happy Now

Be Happy Now :

Enjoying the gentle sea breeze, lying in a hammock, Tenali Rama’s friend wore a dreamy broad smile on his face.

Tenali : Why are you smiling all by yourself?

Friend : I’m thinking of the day when I will be truly happy.

Tenali : When is that?

Friend : When I can have a house of my own by the sea, a comfortable car, a healthy bank balance, get married to a pretty girl, have four sons, get them educated so that they get a good job, earn a lot of money, and…

Tenali (Interrupting) : I get the picture, but what will you do after all that?

Friend : Then I can simply put up my feet and relax and enjoy the gentle breeze and the sun on my face.

Tenali : But my friend, you are doing that now itself – without having to do all that hard work!

Be Happy Now :

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