Be Yourself and Only Yourself.

Be Yourself and Only Yourself. :

Be careful what you allow into your body and into your space. Even the food you put into your body is crucial to your well-being and to your sense of Self. Take care of yourself. Do not allow anything outside of you to contaminate you. Whatever you read affects you. The television programs you watch, the movies you see and the music you listen to have a profound impact on you. Be discriminating. Be discerning. But do not be judgmental. If you live a refined life, you will become more refined. Choose your friends wisely. Do not allow others to get caught up inside you or attached to you. And don't you become caught up with or attached to others. You must be yourself and only yourself. If you are to know the truth of who you are.

BY Leonard Jacobson

Be Yourself and Only Yourself. :

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